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marketing assistance

Helping you create marketing materials to promote your business effectively.
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office support

Helping you manage your day-to-day business operations remotely.
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website management

Helping you create and manage your business presence on the web.
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quickbooks bookkeeping

Helping you manage your business financials accurately.
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Helping realtors creatively promote their listings.
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what is a virtual assistant

Do you need help with getting your business up and running? Are you a professional that needs some extra help running your business? Would you like to save time and money?

If you have answered yes to any or all of these questions, then you are in need of Mid-Knight Business Solutions. I am able to provide you with a variety of professional services to help your business succeed. After all, the success of my business depends on the success of your business!

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a highly-trained independent entrepreneur who provides a myriad of business support services virtually via phone, fax and internet based technology to support and meet the growing needs of businesses worldwide.


Partnering with a VA reduces stress, protects cash flow, eliminates administrative hassles, and enables business people to find the success they originally set out to achieve. A VA is your right hand person helping you to succeed in your business.