About Mid-Knight Business Solutions

Michelle Knight I started Mid-Knight Business Solutions in 2004 with the concept of providing a variety of budget-friendly creative services to professionals and small business owners that are just starting their own business or need a little help making it successful. I know how expensive it can be to get a business started or hire employees. By being virtual, I can keep my costs down and in turn pass those savings onto you. There is no need to worry about payroll taxes and benefits. It doesn't matter if you have one project or many on-going projects, I will be able to accomodate your needs. As a virtual assistant, I am able to provide you creative services with less stress so that you can concentrate on what is important - making your business successful. After all, my success depends on your success!
I have earned degrees in accounting, management, business information specialist, graphic communications and web development. Along with my education, I have over 16 years of administrative work experience. Why hire 3 different employees, when I am able to provide you with the same service in one place!
Thank you!

Michelle Knight, Owner/Virtual Assistant
Mid-Knight Business Solutions